We'll match competitors better price.
We'll match competitors better price.
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Carp Coastal Marine Web and Store Survey

Please fill out this survey as completely as possible. All completed surveys received will be entered in a monthly drawing. The selected survey will be awarded a $50 gift certificate.

Personal Information
In Store Survey Questions
Please let us know if our Sales Associates have been knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.
What was your Sales Associates name?
If you were promised a follow up call, did it work out to your satisfaction?
How well was the store organized, was everything easy to find and was the store clean?
Are our prices competitive?
Were any products not available or too hard to find?
Were we open at a convenient time. What hours would you prefer for shopping?
Did you know that we offer services such as Repairs, Fabrication and Maintenance?
If we performed repairs, were they done satisfactorily.
If we performed repairs, what was your technician's name?
Please let us know of any improvements that we should consider.
Please let us know of particularly good or bad experiences with Carp Coastal Marine.
Would you buy from us again or bring your boat back to Carp Coastal Marine for a repair again, if not why?
Web Site and Online Boating Store Survey Questions
Did you find our web site to be useful?
How was our web site layout and navigation?
If you used our Boating Store, how was your experience?
Was anything in our web site or store missing or hard to find?
Are there any products that you think we should make available?

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